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10 Accessories for Coffee Lovers

We take it at breakfast, at the table or also at mid-morning when our energy fails.

Coffee is a very popular drink that generates phobias and philias in equal parts, but also has a very powerful culture around it.

Whether brewed in a classic Italian coffee maker or in the capsule coffee makers that have become popular in recent years, coffee is always present in our homes and restaurants.

Thinking precisely about the coffee lovers in EL PAÍS Escaparate we have selected a series of perfect articles to accompany the ritual of preparing it at home: from the grinders, to the foamers, to the cups to serve it correctly or the organizers to have all the ingredients and materials well ordered.

13 products to give away or give yourself away and always have on hand.


1 – Capsule dispenser

More and more coffee lovers are turning to capsule coffee machines.

But since the boxes that contain them often take up too much space, it’s best to use a dispenser to keep them organized by flavor.

This model has space for 50 capsules, divided into five rows.

The top is also designed to place the coffee maker on top, so it saves space and looks better.


2 – Organizer with several compartments

Sometimes you have so many accessories and attachments that you have to go through the whole kitchen to get them.

The solution is this organiser, which has space to store sugar sachets, glasses, napkins, spoons or stirrers, as well as two drawers for capsules.

In addition, its clean and minimalist design looks good in any corner.


3 – Kitchen shelf

If you want to have a special corner for coffee, which is functional and looks good, this shelf made of bamboo wood is an ideal choice.

On the top there is enough space to place a coffee maker, as well as jars for ingredients or other large containers.

Underneath, there is space for up to four small cups and a large drawer for storing capsules and other accessories.


4 – Grinders and thermos flasks

The most demanding coffee lovers always need the freshest and most intense taste in every cup.

There’s no way of grinding the beans right away.

This electric grinder is a great ally in this task, since it has a capacity of 100 grams of coffee and can grind this and other types of seeds such as chia, pepper, grass, nuts or spices quickly and powerfully.

Its design has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to use and it has highly resistant stainless steel blades.

In addition, for greater safety, the grinder has a system that only allows the blades to be activated if the lid is properly closed.


5 – Wilford & Sons Thermos flask

To go out in the morning, every coffee lover needs a thermos that keeps his drink hot longer and without altering the taste.

This model can accomplish that task, as it keeps the heat for up to four hours – eight hours in case of cold drinks – and has an airtight silicone button closure.

The latter also makes it easy to open with one hand.

It has a capacity of 360 ml and is perfect for putting in the dishwasher.


6 – Powder shakers

When it’s time to indulge in a cup of hot cappuccino, the ideal touch is to sprinkle some ground cocoa or cinnamon on top of the foam.

These two stainless steel stirrers are perfect for that, as they sprinkle the contents evenly in a professional manner.

In addition, they include 16 templates to make the coffee more fun.


7 – Set of 16 decoration templates

If you already have shakers to decorate your coffee, maybe you just need the templates to give your cups that fun touch.

This set of 16 different models features drawings such as a smiling face, a Christmas tree, hearts, leaves and more.

They are made of non-toxic, easy-to-clean plastic and include a handle for easy use.


8 – Automatic milk foamer

Make perfect lattes, cappuccinos or even hot chocolates with this milk frother, which in a short time achieves a smooth and creamy preparation.

Its operation is silent and it has a low power consumption standby mode.

It also has an automatic switch-off function to prevent overheating and non-slip feet on the base for a secure hold.

Its non-stick coating makes it easy to clean.


9 – Hand-held milk foamer

In addition to the automatic option, there is also the possibility of using these manually operated electric skimmers.

This model has received more than 300 ratings from Amazon and a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Quality foams can be achieved in just 10 seconds and can be used, in addition to coffee, to make cold chocolates.

It is made of high quality stainless steel and the beater head can be easily removed for cleaning.


10 – Set of two cappuccino cups

These high quality borosilicate glass cups have a double wall so that there is no risk of burning your hands or the cups bursting when liquids are poured at high temperatures.

450 millilitres capacity and they are specially designed to prepare coffee with milk or cappuccino.

For a correct conservation it is recommended to wash them by hand and not to put them in the dishwasher.

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