Make a difference in the life of many children in Latin America while you enjoy one of the best coffees in the world.

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Today we are going to dedicate a few lines to leave our comfort zone and explore those preparations, or those origins of grain, that are out of the ordinary. It could be our particular classification of different, surprising coffees, or simply the most special coffees in the world. The classification is not necessarily in order, nor are we going to limit ourselves to one type of product. We will be talking about both beans (origins

In June 2016, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised that coffee has potential health benefits and removed it from its list of carcinogenic substances. Another study revealed that moderate coffee consumption could be beneficial to health if it is incorporated into a healthy diet. Being a food consumed daily by a large part of the population and based on the above information, I made the decision to collect the benefits related to coffee consumption,

Coffee is a fundamental component in our daily lives, but I'm sure there are many things about it that you don't know. Here are 10 curiosities about coffee.   1 - At what time of day do you drink more coffee? According to a study conducted in 2017 in our country, people prefer to drink coffee to wake up. So 47% of respondents drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and 35% say they

We take it at breakfast, at the table or also at mid-morning when our energy fails. Coffee is a very popular drink that generates phobias and philias in equal parts, but also has a very powerful culture around it. Whether brewed in a classic Italian coffee maker or in the capsule coffee makers that have become popular in recent years, coffee is always present in our homes and restaurants. Thinking precisely about the coffee lovers

Much is said about 'specialty coffee', but while those in the production chain and in the sector know this well, many consumers have no idea. The term 'specialty coffee' is attributed to Norwegian coffee roaster Erna Knutsen, who first used it at the international coffee conference in Montruil, France in 1978. This concept, as explained in Fernando Farfán Valencia's publication, alludes to geography and microclimates, which allow the production of coffee beans with a

Sometimes we need an extra cup of coffee in the morning to serve as pick-me-up. And some mornings, it's just not enough. But there's another way to get a boost from your cup of joe without upping the caffeine. Many coffee bean sellers are giving a portion of their sales to charities and other great causes, so you can feel even better about pouring that second mugful. Here are seven coffee companies

Colombian coffee is more alive than ever. Ours is one of the only countries that, no matter which department you are in, you can find freshly roasted coffee ready to drink. Just two hours from Bogotá, at Mesitas del Colegio, is the San Miguel farm, where Nelcy Ayala has over 5,000 coffee trees, which she cares for with special dedication. Thanks to its fruits, Ayala pulps, ferments and dries its coffee and then roasts it